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A. We, the citizens of Nigeria from Kwara State of Nigeria, residing in North America and concerned about our welfare here in America and the state of affairs in Kwara State, Nigeria, have come together to find ways and means of improving ourselves and of contributing to the development of our country, Nigeria, Kwara State, and our respective host communities. It is our conviction that in unity lays strength. With this we form the Kwara State Association of Nigeria, North America, Inc.

B. The members of KWARA STATE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA have formed this association known as KWARA STATE ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA, NORTH AMERICA, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as KSANG) for purposes and objectives, which shall include the following:

  • i) To promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation for social, economic, and educational
    development that furthers the wellbeing of all its members, Nigeria, and its host communities
  • ii) To be compassionate and provide assistance to the needy and to encourage, support and
    facilitate the creation of a sense of community among individuals and organizations
    committed to peace, social justice and sustainable development in Nigeria and elsewhere
    in the world;
  • iii) To promote and advance the science, process and art of non-violent conflict resolution,
    Community and grassroots empowerment through public enlightenment and educational
    means, including research, publication, and discussion and community participation;
  • iv) To provide opportunities to meaningfully contribute to the promotion of rule of law,
    respect for human dignity, realization of the economic and social growth potentials in
    Kwara State of Nigeria, entrenchment of accountability and transparency in governance,
    promotion of cultural awareness and greater understanding of Nigeria overseas,
    promotion of healthy relationship between Nigerians and peoples of other nations;
  • v) To liaise with other organizations for the purpose of pursuing the objectives of KSANG.
  • vi) To engage in such other activities or programs that are intended to promote and advance
    any of the objectives and goals of KSANG.

NOW THEREFORE, we, the members of KSANG Chapters wishing to be bound hereunder hereby make and ordain for ourselves this Constitution.

Click Here to Download Full KSANG Constitution

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