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KSANG History

Prior to the formation of Kwara State Association of Nigeria (KSANG), Kwarans in the United States of America had the opportunity of socializing as individuals and sometimes as friends or family friends. Kwarans back home are known for their enterprising, intellectual and possessing the spirit of togetherness and strong family ties.

Before the advent of what is now called KSANG, we have Kwara State Association (KSA) which was formed by Kwarans residing in the Washington D.C metropolitan area of U.S.A. KSA was formed by some concerned Kwara citizens with strong vision and commitment to bringing Kwarans together. It was primarily formed to fulfill what Kwarans back home are globally known for, and that is the spirit of togetherness, strong family ties and community development.

The major aim and objective of forming the association at the time was to unite all Kwarans in the area and to assist Kwarans at home and abroad in time of need. The aim was more successful till today. Any first timer Kwaran in the region who never minced word about asking for his kinsmen in the region would always find help from a Kwaran without hassles.

In August of 1999, the KSA family in Washington D.C started a crusade of reaching out to Kwarans across the United States. This move bear fruit with the birth of Georgia and Houston chapters respectively. In the light of this achievement, these Kwarans came together to launch what is now known as Kwara State Association of Nigeria, North America U.S.A in the fall of 2001.

The launch was attended by Kwarans far and near with late Governor Mohammed Alabi Lawal and two former governors of the state in attendance. Also in attendance was Prof. Ibrahim Agboola Gambari, former U.N Under Secretary General, the then Speaker of the State House of Assembly and some Commissioners. The huge success recorded at the launch gave a boost to our membership recruitment drive. At the moment KSANG can boast of six chapters namely Washington D.C, Washington Seattle, New York, Houston, Chicago and Georgia. Some are in the pipeline of joining the big Kwara family.

KSANG N.A since inception is a not-for-profit making organization with federally approved tax exempt status. KSANG is armed with a 501(c) (3) exempt status by the internal revenue service of the United States. This would enable it to raise funds from individuals and organizations for community development purposes.

Piqued by our government in ability to discharge its civic responsibilities to its citizenry, and in line with our overall objectives, some of our chapters have taken bold steps of helping our people back home. Leading the course is the Washington D.C chapter which since inception adopted the school of handicap as a project. They on regular basis send cash and material donations to help the school meet some of their basic needs. Also the chapter sent some medical equipment to the government of Kwara State. In the same vein, the Georgia chapter donated an ambulance on behalf of KSANG to the state government while the Seattle chapter donated books worth millions of naira to help students of some schools in the state.

With the successes recorded by KSANG at home and abroad, we now have a sister organization that sprang up in London, United Kingdom. KSANG was instrumental to the formation of KWASANG. Kwarans in the U.K felt the need to get involved in the service to our fatherland. We are working hard as well to get Kwarans in Canada to come together and play their expected roles in Kwara development.

The association at the moment has no permanent secretariat address. Address changes as we have change in offices or election of new officers. The association officials always network through modern mediums of communication across the U.S and across continents. Currently the organization’s President is Mr. Bernand Adesina, IPP is Mr. Sulaimon Jimoh and Alhaji Engr. Ibrahim Aroworowon is the Secretary General. Their e-mail addresses are president@ksang.net, (PRESIDENT, KSANG NORTH AMERICA) and secretary@ksang.org (SECRETARY GENERAL, KSANG NORTH AMERICA).

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