About Membership

Why join our organization?

  • To promote dialogue, understanding and cooperation in the aid of social, economic, educational development that furthers the well being of all Kwarans, Nigeria, and the US community.
  • To promote and advance the science, process and art of non-violent conflict resolution, community and grassroots empowerment through public enlightenment, and other educational means including research, publication, discussion and community participation.
  • To be compassionate by providing Clothing, Shoes and other resources to the less fortunate, especially orphans, elderly and the disabled.
  • To provide opportunities to meaningfully contribute to the promotion of rule of law, respect for human dignity, realization of the economic and social growth potential of Kwara state of Nigeria.
  • To engage in such other activities or programs that are intended to promote and advance the objectives and goals of KSANG.

What we have as members

  • Camaraderie.
  • Connect with a network of successful Kwarans in the Diaspora.
  • Exposure to professional and business opportunities here in the USA and in Kwara.
  • Acquisition of property in Kwara.
  • Promotion of members’ events and business.

Membership requirements

Membership consideration is open to all Kwarans by birth, marriage and parent; regardless of race, religion, ethnic group, color, sex, place of birth, social or economic status provided the prospective member is: 18 Years of age or older and willing to pay the prescribed membership fees. Must be willing to accept without condition the objectives of the Kwara State Assn-USA.

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